Application Terms and Conditions

The competition is open to all lawyers registered with the Bar Association, regardless of nationality or mother-tongue and age.

Candidates must produce a pleading relating to an individual, genuine breach of human rights reported in the recent news.

The competition is meant to promote principles and human rights values and friendship between people. Any pleading that will contain remarks in contradiction with those principles and values, praise or incite for racial, cultural or religious hatred, will be consistently rejected.

The competition is organized in two steps:


The candidates write their pleading in the language of their choice. The  speech for the defense must be sent to AQU by 20/07/2018 at the latest, by email, in an attached file with the registration form.

The pleading should be submitted together with a personal CV, full registration form, a letter to display the motives and interests to take part in such a competition and a scanned copy of your Bar membership. Any questions should be asked through the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The written copy of the pleading must be 4 pages in length (font Times New Roman, 12 normal, simple space between the lines, margins 2.5 top, bottom, left and right (until 15/08/2018).

The final ten candidates will be permitted to give their pleading in the language of their choice.

 Each candidate will have a maximum of 15 minutes in which to give his speech; the lawyers who will go over this time may be penalized (impossibility of being awarded).

Candidates will be judged by the official jury upon the following evaluation criteria: relevance of the subject (individual case and actual case), construction of the subject, soundness of the argument, strength of the commitment, conviction, sincerity, objectivity, credibility, and oratory talent, respect for the length of the speech.

The candidates will be required to make their speech whilst robed or wearing the appropriate clothing as laid down by their particular Bar Association. The selected speeches will be published in a document and available the day of the final.