Since 2009, once a year, in partnership with the University of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) School of Law and the Memorial for Peace, the Institute has been organizing the International Pleading Competition of Palestine. This is an original idea of Answar Abu Eisheh, law professor at the University of Al-Quds and Stéphane Grimaldi, director of the Caen Memorial.

The University of Al-Quds and the International Institute for Human Rights and Peace share the desire to educate the public and raise awareness. That is why, with the help of the Caen Memorial for Peace, we want to give local and international lawyers the opportunity to plead a case in public related to a recent violation of human rights in public. The choice of the venue is not a coincidence. Indeed, right in the middle of the Near East, this event takes on a more serious dimension with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which has been questioning human rights every day since 1948.

“To make peace, two persons are needed: yourself and the person in front of you”.
Aristide Briand “Paroles de Paix”

All these years, this competition has been trying to show that the respect of law must go over political divides and obstacles. And that is why this truly constitutes a unique and epic event during which the universality of human values is raised over cultural, legal or political differences.

In practice…

Different international lawyers speak in turn all day long to plead a case related to a human rights violation perpetrated to a person. Fifteen minutes are given to each lawyer – moments in which the role of the lawyer and the judge in front of governmental authorities is underlined. The organization of the Pleading Competition of Palestine stresses the colossal need for justice, which is a major challenge for good governance.